Silicon Molybdenum Rod

Molybdenum Rod Picture

Always, silicon molybdenum rod has U-shape and W-shape. Generally speaking, it is used as heating components and fire resistance. When heated to high temperature, quartz would generate to protect silicon molybdenum rod from oxide. Its normal working temperature is ranging from 500℃ to 1700℃. It is worth of being noticed, silicon molybdenum rod could not work under the temperature of 400℃ to 700℃ for it will be oxide when working at such temperature for a long time.

Besides heating components and fire resistance, silicon molybdenum rod is also can be used in metallurgy, glass industry, ceramics, magnetism material, crystal and furnace manufacture.

How to install silicon molybdenum rod

U-shape silicon molybdenum rod should be installed vertically

The vertical suspension of silicon molybdenum rod is very brittle at room temperature, high temperature have plasticity. Therefore, the use of U-component temperature is over 1250 ℃ must be installed vertically, through the support of chuck will be hung on the roof on the vertical component. The purpose of this installation is to add components to avoid mechanical stress on the heating side, otherwise easily lead to component fracture. So, install silicon-molybdenum rod vertically.

This silicon molybdenum rod is appeared as w-shape.

When installing W-shaped components, in order to prevent deformation of hot-side temperature, and support the use of corundum or corundum-mullite refractoriness. 1600 ℃ ~ 1700 ℃ electric furnace material and plug material should be selected super refractory brick products, such as corundum mullite.